Tvn (Bacon)

About me,

Hi, I am a homeschooler using the RonPaulCurriculum, I started taking photography somewhere in May 2016, and that was when I got a new phone, this phone was made by a chinese company called Meizu, so you might say it’s cheap etc. but its actually quiet decent, it had a great camera and worked fine.

So, with this new phone, I began to take photos with the awesome camera that it came with, in fact more than half of my photos on this site was taken with this phone! I just have a few photos taken with my Nikon D5100.

Not long after, I got my new phone, I started to post some of my photos on my Blog where I used to post  my essays, but I then decided to start a new blog to post my photos only, so I started Light and Lens.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy my photos, and also enjoy photos posted by other authors!